Frequently Asked Questions

How to prepare for your appointment:


A patient-centered medical home is an approach to providing total health care for you. With a medical home, you will have a care team to support you, helping you to make the best decisions for your health. So help us to know you better.

Get ready for your appointment! Use this handy checklist.

o  Make a list of any questions you have about your health. Put the questions that are most important to you at the top of the list.

o  Make a list of other health care providers you have visited. Jot down their contact information and the reason why you visited them.

o  Bring all of your medications, in their original containers, to your appointment. Be sure to include prescription, over-the counter, natural, and herbal medications and dietary supplements.


o  Take your insurance information with you. 


During your appointment:


The patient-centered medical home is a way for you to be involved in and better understand your own health care.

So during your appointment, use this handy checklist.

o  Write down the names of the members of your care team.

o  Let your provider know about any changes in your health and/or condition.

o  Are there any updates on your use of medications or dietary supplements?

o  Have you visited other health care providers?

o  Use your list of questions. Ask your top questions first. That way, even if you can’t get all the answers you need at one time, you can at least keep track.

o  Talk with your provider about what health issue(s) you should work on first.

o  Make sure you understand what you should do before you leave the office.


o  Ask how you can reach your care team after hours if it becomes necessary.